Brilliant Dreams

by Kalib

Released 2017
Asylum Arts
Released 2017
Asylum Arts
Blending folk rock, RnB, with a dash of electronica, Brilliant Dreams is an interpersonal, political, and mystical journey through the Tree of Life.
Started in 2007 with the release of My Girl, Brilliant Dreams gathers all the KALIB singles in one place, with an extra gift.

Kalib DuArte: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
Tyrone Stanford: Backing Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Eric Jorgenson: Guitar, Bass
Kedar Roy: Bass
Edward Keller: Backing Vocals
Stacy Newbold: Backing Vocals
Ariane Wolfe: Backing Vocals
Kat Maguire: Backing Vocals
Lhanza: Percussion