Wizard On the Stairs


"Wizard on the Stairs" is a classic singer/songwriter country rock song with a modern lyric twist. How the magic of tools and intent allows us to be supportive of our loved ones, even if we are not present or even visible.

A promise was made to a dear friend a while back "you kick cancer, and I'll write you a song". "Wizard on the Stairs" was the result. Pick your favorite version of the song from the three final mixes, or the two original demos. Also included are two mixes of the B-Side "Take Me Back".

Kalib DuArte is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter who blends traditional country-rock and folk with electronic production. "Wizard on the Stairs" is the first single from his album "The Package that Never Arrives". Editing by Tyrone Stanford, and final mix by award winning producer Sefi Carmel.

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